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Christmas Celebration Time

At Christmas time, we love to make lots of Christmas goodies that we carry to various friends on Christmas Eve…..one of Jenny’s friends calls it the “Arnold Sleigh”   This year, Michael is going to be in Scotland from the 15th thru the 22nd of December, so we were worried that there wouldn’t be time to cook and deliver.

Instead, we decided to have an Open House to invite friends into our new home and enjoy some Holiday cheer!!!

I spent two wonderful days making fudge, cookies, Truffles, Peanut Brittle, Peppermint Brittle, Chocolate Pretzels…….DSC07442

and baking a delicious Hummingbird Cake……DSC07468

On Saturday, I added the savory items to the menu including this wonderful idea that I saw in a recent magazine…..


…..skewered tomatoes and marinated Mozzarella cheese balls….YUMMMMMM!

We took a few photos just before the guests arrived…..


….and then enjoyed a wonderful 4 hours of talking, laughing, eating and generally having a  fun time with some very special friends…..


3 thoughts on “Christmas Celebration Time

  1. What a wonderful idea! The goodies look and sound delicious! I know everyone was impressed with all you've been able to accomplish in the short time you've been in your house!

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