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Flower Pot Borders

During the short times that I have had available, I have been working on the quilt top that Mom and I currently have in progress.   I had sent the borders to her for applique work and she returned those just before we moved.  She was worried about doing the edge stitch on the small stems so I added those with the sewing machine…..



I have the edge borders cut as well so just need some time to get back up there and sew them on……



I am enjoying using my new studio and have found one arrangement to work very well……


By placing the ironing board perpendicular to my sewing table I have a large area to iron on when sitting at the machine….

DSC07484….. and then if I need to do regular ironing or other larger pieces, I can step to the other side and use the board in its normal orientation.


One of those simple things that makes life SOOOO much easier!!

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