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What do you do on Boxing Day??

When we lived in Australia, we were surprised by the custom of celebrating Boxing Day…..the day after Christmas.   It was a wonderful day off to help transition from the holiday to the work week.   While there, we would often watch the start of the Sydney – Hobart Regatta….such a fun tradition.

Now here in the US, I normally celebrate the end of the holiday season by un-decorating my house.  Face it, I decorate on the day after Thanksgiving which means that all of this stuff has been up for over a month and I am ready to clean it up and move on!!

This year I had a wonderful time taking everything down and packing it up in my new boxes, in my new house. 

The problem arose when it came time to take down the Christmas Tree….you remember it…..the TWELVE foot tree!!!   After much discussion, we decided that the easiest way would be to saw it in half so Michael climbed the ladder and started sawing…..



Half of it goes out the door……


Followed by the lower half……


Hooray….that was VERY easy!!!!

One thought on “What do you do on Boxing Day??

  1. Smart thinking! Otherwise that tree would stay there forever.We had a holiday week in Eden so we spent Boxing Day fishing and swimming. The weather was perfect.

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