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Change of pace

While Michael was gone last week, I had planned to work as hard as I could on the Flower Pot quilt, hoping to have a fair amount of the quilting done before he returned.  But, then came the opportunity to have lunches and dinners with various friends so I enjoyed the time of catching up and relaxing with them.

Then I got to thinking about one of my daughter’s friends who has recently been diagnosed with Breast Cancer.  She is about to go thru extensive Chemotherapy followed by a Mastectomy and then more Radiation.   As I thought about her, I knew that I wanted to make her a quilt. 

I dug into my closet and found a group of blocks that I had started playing with back in January.  See the original post here.

I cut some additional navy rectangles and started sewing like crazy to get a top finished……


I added one navy border and then started thinking about a second border….._C227014

I really liked the top left fabric so I cut another border with the idea that I would add yet another Navy one to the outside.  However, I really liked how it looked with just the narrow border and then bound with a bit wider binding.

Here is the finished quilt….._C237028

It is my hope and prayer that it will provide warmth and comfort during the next months of her life!!!!

One thought on “Change of pace

  1. Thank you for the inspiration. I want to make a “thank you” quilt for someone and have been struggling with what pattern to make. I hope you don't mind that another quilt very similar to your will be coming to life very soon.

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