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Great time spent with Rayna Gillman….


Three weeks ago my guild hosted Rayna Gillman for a 1-1/2 day workshop and also as a speaker at our meeting.   I thoroughly enjoyed all of her presentations and was interested in her method of working.

Her plan is to work with lots and lots of different fabrics and to spend time making sets of fabric bits that can eventually be put together into a cohesive quilt.

She showed us how to make strip sets where the strips are cut free-hand so that there are slight curves and variations in the sizes.  Here is one of her strip sets in neutral colors…..


She also takes scraps of fabric and adds bits all around and turns them into miscellaneous blocks…..


Rayna has a real talent for putting pieces together and we were all amazed that she was able to turn this leftover  block set…….


…..into this cool quilt top…….


During the workshop, we saw mostly quilt tops, but at the meeting, Rayna showed several of her finished quilts.  I really liked the simple, straight line quilting that she used.  It did an amazing job of completing the quilt and holding all of the disparate fabrics and blocks together……


…..more to come……

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