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A creative exercise….

Earlier in the month, I was invited (along with 6 other friends) to have dinner with our friend Deb.   She had a plan for the evening that involved each of us bringing 32 scraps of fabric, in any shape or size (between 4 and 10 inches) and 8 pieces of fabric that were the same size and design.

After dinner we were first handed a large paper bag and told to go shopping in Deb’s “getting rid of” pile……


We had such fun pouring thru her recyclables.

When we returned to the table, there was a paper plate sitting in each spot……


Deb then instructed us to walk around the table and put one piece of fabric on each pile, continuing around 8 times….


A fabric version of musical chairs!!!

Next Deb told us the rules of our challenge……her big smile should have told us that something was up…….


The rules for our fun challenge is that we have to make a quilt using EVERY SINGLE BIT of ALL of the fabrics that we were given…….WHAT?????

She also gave us 1/2 yard of a fabric pattern called “Grunge”…..


We are to use at least one piece of this fabric also.

We can add other fabrics to the mix if we want to.

After we were told of the challenge, we talked a bit about some ideas.  You can tell that we are all a bit bewildered……


The biggest laugh of the night came when Cleo produced this large piece of a fabric that is definitely NOT in her color range or comfort zone…..


When I got home, I placed all of the fabrics on the design wall……firstly placing them in a color arrangement (sort of)….

DSC08599 (800x600)

….and then re-did the arrangement moving to a value arrangement…..


At this point I am thinking thru ideas of where to head with this project.  I have been contemplating a strip-pieced something……

We will wait and see!!

6 thoughts on “A creative exercise….

  1. It looks like you had a fun time and Deb has managed to get rid of some of her stash at the same time. You have a challenging mix of fabrics there so I look forward to seeing what you come up with.

  2. Well, I guess it's good that the edges look like they're straight? Sounds like a challenge, but I like the color order idea!

  3. Interesting challenge. Can't wait to see what you come up with. A few questions…when you walked around the table 8 times were you handing out your 40 fabrics? Whose fabrics were on the plate?

  4. I tried to comment earlier but I'm using a laptop and wasn't signed in! (So, if it posts twice, I”m sorry!)I have no doubt you will come up with something beautiful!! It was so much fun to see my friend, Ruhanna, among your group. She's a jewel!

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