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Conclusive proof that vacuuming is bad…..


At the Charity Bee last week, I cut out squares and fabrics to make a simple quilt that alternates plain squares with rail fence blocks.  There was not enough fabric to cut all of the blocks the same so I added a different fabric for a few of the squares.

I easily pieced the rail fence blocks and placed all of the pieces on my design wall…..DSC08558

We were having some friends over for dinner that night, so I decided to do a little bit of vacuuming…..a VERY bad idea.   As I maneuvered around my design wall, several of the pieces blew off and one got caught in the mechanism of the vacuum cleaner….


Of course it was the one that had a limited number……Oh no!!

I thought that there was one extra so I quickly pulled it out of the scraps only to find that it was not an entire block….


I ended up having to add another of the alternate blocks to the quilt…..


I like the look of the finished quilt but it would have been SO much easier if I had just never bothered to vacuum.   Believe me, I will not make that mistake again!!!!

3 thoughts on “Conclusive proof that vacuuming is bad…..

  1. I'm always looking for a good excuse not to vacuum so thanks for this one. I actually think that the revised version looks better.

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