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Use It Up – Part 3


After a few days, I returned to the studio to think about where I wanted to head next with the pieced center.

I laid out a 1 inch border of the brown “Grunge” fabric that we were given and was amazed at how well that ugly fabric looked!!!


To make the best use of the fabrics, I decided that the next border should probably be 2 inch squares, as that would fit the quilt dimensions and would also use all of those squares that I had originally cut for the Nine patch blocks.

I also decided that, after another 1 inch border, I will add a piano key type border that will be made of all of the small pieces of leftovers……


In the middle of all of these decisions, I started wondering if I wanted to try overdyeing the center section to darken all of the fabrics and then applique something funky over it.   I spoke with my friend Anita  (who is a wonderful hand-dyer) about my idea and she said that she would be worried that some of the light colored fabrics wouldn’t take the dye.  She also encouraged me that the composition of the piece was good, so I have now abandoned the over-dye idea.

Who knows what new idea will take its place!!!!!

2 thoughts on “Use It Up – Part 3

  1. I'm glad that you decided not to overdye the middle. The brown border calms down the bright colours anyway so they look good against it..

  2. This is looking great. Great way to meet that challenge! I went back to read the fabric rules for what you brought. You brought 32 pieces of any size between 4-10″ and then 8 (one for each person)pieces all the same size. Did those 8 need to be a size between 4 – 10″ also?

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