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Road Trip – Part One

The last time that Michael and I made a road trip was in 2006…a trip to Texas to visit our Mothers and then on to San Antonio, Texas and to visit some of Michael’s research sites in Louisiana.

Since then there hasn’t been a lot of time for car travel as we have done a LOT of overseas travel….. 8 weeks in England in 2007, 2 weeks in India and 4 weeks in Australia in 2008,  10 days in Portugal in 2009, two 2 week trips to China and then 7 weeks in Italy in 2010, 5 weeks in China and Thailand in 2011 and finally, 3 weeks in Turkey and 3 weeks in China in 2012!!!!

SO, with much excitement we hit the road for a car trip….starting in Texas and then continuing to New Mexico.

We knew that the trip to Abilene, Texas would be a very long and fairly boring trip so we downloaded the book “A Walk in The Woods” by Bill Bryson.  It was the perfect companion to our driving and we enjoyed a 10 hour drive to Shreveport, Louisiana on the first day and then five more hours on the second day, arriving in time to take my Mother out for dinner to celebrate her NINETIETH birthday!!!

On Friday, the day was spent getting ready for the big party and on Saturday we celebrated her Birthday in style with about 60 guests!! 

The food was fun…..



The cake was BIG…….


and the table looked great (my cousins put together the banner)…..


Mom enjoyed every minute of the party, especially visiting with her 93 year old cousin…..


…..Mom is on the right.

One of the most fun things about this time was that I got to spend time with many of my cousins….some of which I haven’t seen in  FORTY years!!!!  It was such fun to catch up with them  We rounded all of them up for one photo on the stairs……


It was a fun day and we were all exhausted after it was over!!

On Sunday we spent time with Michael’s Mother, attending Church with her and enjoying the requisite Mexican Food for lunch afterward.

We packed up and got ready for the second leg of our journey…..on Monday we head to New Mexico……

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  1. Happy birthday to her, it seems that you did a great job throwing a party for her. take care,Hulya

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