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It’s a “Piece-o-cake”

Last week I had the joy of spending some time under the teaching of Becky Goldsmith from “Piece o’ Cake” designs.


At our guild meeting, she gave a magnificent power point presentation about Machine quilting.  She encouraged us to think (from the very beginning of a project) about how we are going to quilt it.

She had some great ideas about where to get quilting designs from, including….

  –  Catalogues for rubber stamps,

  –  Zentangles  (check out this blog….)

  –  Art, Nature or Architecture

  –  Shapes found in the quilt or designs in the fabric

She also suggested that you stop before you have quilted too much to make sure that you really like the design that you have chosen.  She said to never quilt more than what you are willing to rip out!!

Becky showed us that she keeps a notebook with her quilting ideas.  She said that she always draws each design by hand even if she takes a photo because the act of drawing helps her to remember it better.

She told us to never stretch the batting when layering a quilt, but instead to pat out any bubbles.   She thread bastes her quilt sandwich and trims the batting and backing so that she can fold over the backing to cover the batting along the edge of the quilt…..great idea!!

Her meticulous attention to detail shows in the magnificence of her work….


She also showed several of her famous quilts…..


More to come…..

3 thoughts on “It’s a “Piece-o-cake”

  1. It sounds like you have picked up so many good tips. I have often been told that I should think about the quilting before the quilt is finished but find that it doesn't work for me. I need to have the piece finished before I decide what to do although it would probably work if I was doing blocks.

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