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Goodbye to an old friend….


Back in 1993 our guild decided to put together small quilting groups of four people each and that each group would work on a mystery quilt….one clue each month.

At that point, Michael and I  barely had enough money to live on, much less to go out and purchase fabrics for a quilt that I had no particular use for AND no idea exactly what it would look out.

So, I decided to use the fabrics that I had on hand and to make it scrappy rather than a planned format.  I had a wonderful time with my three bee mates and was thrilled with the final product….


This quilt became our family “comfort” quilt.  We used it for our kids to sit on when we ate dinner in the living room, we snuggled under it when we were cold, we were comforted by it when we were sick or recovering.  Basically it was our “go-to” quilt.

Now, after all of these years, it looks like this…..


Many of the fabrics have rotted and shredded, probably because I didn’t use the best of fabrics……DSC00645

This hole was the final straw…..


When my feet went thru the quilt I decided that it was time to put this old friend out to pasture.

Now the question is what to do with it.  I am not sure that I can throw it away but not sure that I want to store it for the long haul!!!

I guess that I really need to finish up the quilting on the piece that I started to take the place of “comfort quilt”!!

5 thoughts on “Goodbye to an old friend….

  1. Make a stuffed animal, small pillow, notebook covers, backdrop for a shadow box of memories… It really was a pretty quilt and I would hate for you to throw it away! Let us know what you do with it!

  2. It's a lovely quilt but I can see that it has reached the end of it's life as a quilt. Hope that you get to make something from it as it's never easy to throw away something that holds so many memories.

  3. Cut out the best chunk and frame it. I've seen this done in several places recently and it looks really cool. Some of my favorites have been done in rustic mirror frames and old window sashes.

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