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The best way to celebrate Mother’s Day….

…..is to start a brand new project even when you still have two that need to be finished!!!!!  When I told my kids what I was doing, neither one was surprised at all!!

This project got it’s start as a Challenge from my quilt guild, with the challenge be to use this eight pointed star…..


While reading the instructions, I found the following quote….. “The author adapted many designs she observed in the Middle East, especially of Islamic art”.    Hmmmmm…..Islamic art……I have seen a bit of that.

So, I turned to photos from our Turkey trip and started looking at photos taken in the Blue Mosque.    This one grabbed my attention….


In particular I loved the depth!!

I traced it the outlines onto a piece of clear paper…..


….and then used my poster printing function to blow it up to approximately 36 x 50……


At this point I am still happy with the perspective that you can see.  Just hope that I can keep it when I move to fabric!!

After doing some research about Islamic colors, I selected a few photos to use as samples and headed upstairs to pick out some fabrics.

Now, remember that I have several projects already in process, so I boxed up those fabrics ……

photo 3

…..and started pulling out boxes for this new quilt……


Hmmmmm….maybe some black and white is needed!!  Here is the “final” (as if I wont make any other changes) ……


Now I just have to figure out how to incorporate the 8-point star!!!!

3 thoughts on “The best way to celebrate Mother’s Day….

  1. This is going to make such a stunning quilt. I agree with Sylvia about using the 8-pointed star within a circle.

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