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So much to be thankful for……

On Thursday, we had a wonderful Thanksgiving Day with visits from both of our kids.

Both of them had to go to another house in the afternoon so we decided that we would do Brunch this year.  I had lots of fun picking out the food for the meal which included Quiche, Sweet Potatoes roasted with a honey and cinnamon mixture, fruit salad, and a delicious Panna Cotta to end the meal off.

I did have fun with this fruit turkey…..DSC03761

….although no one wanted to be the first to dip up the fruit!!!

Before we could eat, we had to take a family photo.   It took THREE tries….


After we finished eating, it was off to the Christmas tree farm to pick out our two trees……one small one that we cut down….


….thanks Kevin for carrying it out for us!!!

And one Brobdingnagian tree for our den…..


Jenny decided that this one was perfect, but I wasn’t so sure!!

One final photo……


Everyone was gone by 2:00 so Michael and I enjoyed the quiet of the rest of the day.   It was truly a day to be thankful for!!!


4 thoughts on “So much to be thankful for……

  1. Lovely to see you all enjoying yourselves together. I don't think I would have wanted to be the first to start in on that fruit turkey either – a masterpiece.

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