Happy Thanksgiving….the Arnold way!!

Our family has always been a bit weird when it comes to holidays and Thanksgiving is no exception

Our son, Brian and his wife Amber spent the morning running in the Peachtree Half-Marathon in Atlanta. Brian did the half…..

….while Amber ran in the 5k. After they finished…..

….they ate at their favorite Korean Restaurant and spent the day recovering!! We celebrated Thanksgiving with them last Sunday.

Jenny and Kevin arrived for brunch, starting off with traditional Mimosas……

….and a family selfie…..

After eating our brunch, we made the traditional trip to the Tree Farm and picked out our 2 trees. After Michael and Kevin practiced with the small tree……

…it was time to tackle the 14 foot tree. We normally put the tree in the stand and then carry it into the house. Kevin asked the obvious question….why don’t we carry it into the house and THEN put it into the stand…..DUH!!!!

They carried it into the house (with Jenny helping by taking selfies)…..

And, in about 5 minutes, the tree was up and secure!!!…..

Michael said a big”THANK YOU” to Kev for his help!!!

After the kids left to go visit Kevin’s family, I headed to my studio for about 2 hours and then proceeded to strip the house of all decorations…..

Tomorrow I will decorate for the upcoming holidays!!

Thanksgiving dinner consisted of Cheese Dip, Salsa, Guacamole and Tostitos….

I hope that your Thanksgiving was equally fun and traditional!!!!

One side note here…… if you have a large tree and are looking for a good solid tree stand, I can highly recommend the Krinner Tree Genie…..

It is a bit pricey, but it is super easy to use and completely stable….a win-win!!

So much to be thankful for……

On Thursday, we had a wonderful Thanksgiving Day with visits from both of our kids.

Both of them had to go to another house in the afternoon so we decided that we would do Brunch this year.  I had lots of fun picking out the food for the meal which included Quiche, Sweet Potatoes roasted with a honey and cinnamon mixture, fruit salad, and a delicious Panna Cotta to end the meal off.

I did have fun with this fruit turkey…..DSC03761

….although no one wanted to be the first to dip up the fruit!!!

Before we could eat, we had to take a family photo.   It took THREE tries….


After we finished eating, it was off to the Christmas tree farm to pick out our two trees……one small one that we cut down….


….thanks Kevin for carrying it out for us!!!

And one Brobdingnagian tree for our den…..


Jenny decided that this one was perfect, but I wasn’t so sure!!

One final photo……


Everyone was gone by 2:00 so Michael and I enjoyed the quiet of the rest of the day.   It was truly a day to be thankful for!!!


The perfect Thanksgiving Day…..

This year we enjoyed a Thanksgiving Day that was as close to perfect as I have ever remembered.

It started REALLY early in the morning as our daughter drove all night from Chicago and arrived at the house at 4:15am.  She and her dog wandered upstairs, into the bedroom and re-emerged about 4 hours later.

Our son, Brian and his wife, Amber, arrived about noon and we started the eating ritual…..Mimosas, Humus, and Vegies with Dip comprised the first course.

Then came a favorite Arnold family tradition…. the hunt for the perfect Christmas tree.  This year was especially exciting because our new house has vaulted ceilings in the den and secondly, we wanted a smaller one to go on our covered deck. 

We decided that we would cut the smaller tree so everyone headed out in different directions looking for the perfect tree and it was soon found (note the sunglasses on the top….our way of remembering which one we liked best)


This is Amber’s picture of our division of duty…..Michael, Brian and Jenny do the work and I take photos…..


They started carrying the tree back to the truck and just seconds after this shot, Jenny dropped her end because she was being bitten by fire ants!!!!DSC07285

We have had a long standing tradition that we would take a photo with Michael and the kids each year.  They have changed over the past 15 years!!……


We handed the camera to Michael’s Mama and, after a few minutes of instructions, got her to take a photo of the family.  DSC07295

Now for the second tree.  As I said, we have a vaulted ceiling and I knew that we were going to buy a taller tree, but I had no idea that this was the size that my family was thinking about…..


We lashed them into the truck and home we went with our two beautiful trees (Amber’s photo)…..302750_10101749275669380_250173845_n

I think it got taller after they got it home…….DSC07327

…..but they were able to wrestle it into the house……


….and everyone was right, it looks great!!!!



I love this photo of Jenny as I think that you can feel her excitement.  Of course she reminded me that she would NOT be the one decorating it!!….DSC07338

Now for the rest of the day…. no one in the Arnold family really likes turkey, so last year we decided that there was no reason for us to eat it every year just because it was the tradition. 

SO, this year we started the meal with a spicy tomato soup, served with a dollop of whipped cream mixed with chopped Rosemary and Lemon zest….DSC07342

Second course was a Spinach, Cranberry and Goat Cheese salad……


We all then left the table for about an hour while the vegetables cooked and Michael prepared to grill the steaks……DSC07344


Here we all are at the table……DSC07346

As you can see, we have MUCH to be thankful for!!!!

Thanksgiving is Here

P4211088 (2)

This quilt was made in 1997 and is the November quilt that hangs in my entry way.  I found the pattern for the Cornucopia and executed it with Machine Satin Stitch.  I was excited to be able to use a marbled fabric in the corn husk.  This had been dyed in a guild workshop.

The border blocks were an appliqued version of the “Turkey Tracks” block and the pieced turkeys came from some block pattern that I found and translated it into squares and half-square triangles.

After finishing the top, I realized that the back fabric was simply too white and garish and did not look good in the quilt.  I debated for some time about whether or not to Tea Dye it, but wasn’t really happy about dipping the entire top into a vat of strong, boiling tea.  My friend, Sandy, came to the rescue when she suggested that I do the stipple quilting using a light tan thread and let the thread take the edge off of the white.  Up until now, I had only machine quilted with monofilament thread. 

I was really pleased with the final result!!