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Guild Challenge Results


As I had predicted, most of the  Stained Glass Challenge participants went with a traditional view.   Here are the wonderful results…..


Mary had started this as a kit and used the challenge to move it further along….

DSC03893She made this one too.   She and her husband have quite a collection of Nativity Scenes from all over the world so this will fit in perfectly….DSC03892

Unfortunately, I dont know who made this one….DSC03890

Barbara, our challenge organizer, made THREE..


Pat always does the challenge twice.   This was her more “funky” design based on the colors in a peacock feather…..DSC03885

And this was her traditional design……DSC03884

Fay’s was gorgeous……DSC03882

And Lisa’s was magnificent!!!   She designed the pattern herself and then cut out ALL of those tiny pieces……DSC03881

and Donna quilted a wonderful angel……DSC03878

Although you cant see it in the photo, Brenda’s quilting adds so much to her design….


As usual, it was fun to see just how each individual interpreted the challenge!!

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