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The great Indigo fabric reveal…..

In 2010, Michael and I spent a time in Dali, China and while there had the opportunity to visit a fabric dyeing facility.   I wrote a short blog post and showed pictures here……

I actually purchased the piece that was being used as a demonstration and gave it to my friend Deb…..


She liked it just the way it was so had never taken it apart to see what design was lurking in there.   A few weeks ago she said that she was ready to start unveiling the piece and asked if I wanted to photograph it…..silly question!!


She started out using scissors or a seam ripper to take out the threads but then decided that some of them were easier to just break.

It was fun to see that each of the “tentacles” was mostly a blue and white stripe but with rings of intricate flowers…..




After completely opening one of the tentacles we decided to leave it there and save the rest for another day. 

Deb did have to do some hand cleaning afterwards…..


The most amazing thing to me was the intricacy of the flower border.  I cannot imagine how they are able to sew and tie the threads with such accuracy and keep everything so even!!

Now I cant wait to see the rest of the piece!!!

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