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It’s a Southern Thing–Challenge results

In the last post, I told about my challenge entry……


As usual, there were a lot of really fun entries and several fun stories behind them.  Here they are……

Pat focused on the good old Southern “Hey Y’all”…….


Sue got her inspiration from her Magnolia Wallpaper and did a 3-D rendering of the ubiquitous Southern flower……DSC07916

Madeline went for the song “Amazing Grace”, noting that it was sung everywhere……DSC07914

Linda had a “Southern Snowman” that is NOT made of snow!!

DSC07915Denise stitched her favorite Cotton plant, using a rust dyed fabric for the background to simulate the Georgia clay, and trying some thread painting to make the cotton bolls…..DSC07917

Cleo picked our favorite phrase….”Bless her heart”.   For all of you Non-Southerners, you can say ANTHING about someone (good or bad) as long as you add the phrase, “Bless Her Heart”!!DSC07919

Pat used the Dogwood blossom as her inspiration and did a TINY Millefiori design but MACHINE pieced the whole thing…..it was amazing!!!!DSC07920

Fay did a definition quilt……DSC07921

And Deb used a scene from “Gone With the Wind” where Scarlet (the main character) pulls a carrot out of the ground and says “As God as my witness, I will never be hungry again”…….


Once again, it was a wonderful challenge!!   Bring on the next one!!!

One thought on “It’s a Southern Thing–Challenge results

  1. Your quilt for the challenge looks great. It is so good to see where everyone went with their take on the challenge, too. Love the variety.

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