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DC Saturday….Who let the DAWGS out?

When we first started thinking about this trip, I got online and started looking for things to do during our visit.  They were listed 10 to a page and after about 6 or 7 pages, I almost quit but decided to go one more page and saw an event that we HAD to go to…..the blessing of pets at the Franciscan Monastery of  the Holy Land in America. 

We caught the Metro and headed to a station close to the Monastery and walked the last few blocks.  Our first views of the building showed a delightful building…..


….filled with kind people who encouraged us to look around, take photos and enjoy ourselves…..IMG_0421

  Soon the pets started arriving…..IMG_0417There were excited dogs….IMG_0420

……nervous cats…..IMG_0428


….and even a sweet bunny rabbit…..IMG_0438

There were a few bouts of barking, but all in all, they got along well, including these two who posed for a photo in front of the St. Francis of Assisi statue…..IMG_0445

This gorgeous Collie has her own Instagram account, so I feel sure that Michael is starring there somewhere….IMG_0441

We had a fun time talking with the pet owners and hearing their stories.

Two of the Monks appeared and, after a few words of greeting, asked that each owners put their hand on their pet while he said a blessing over them…..IMG_0449

Then they formed a rather orderly line…..


….and each went forward for a personal blessing….



This little lady even came dressed for the occasion….IMG_0492

And, as quickly as it had started, it was over….IMG_0514We enjoyed a walk thru one of the  gardens…..IMG_0497….and then took a stroll thru the magnificent church itself…..IMG_0508

Many of the colors were rich and deep…..IMG_0510

….especially in contrast to the light streaming thru the open dome…..IMG_0505

This 3-dimensional painting was magnificent…..IMG_0507

….as were several wood carved pieces…..


Next we followed Google Maps to the Monroe Street Market where we enjoyed walking thru the artist studios and talking with them about their work. 

When we got close to our apartment, we stopped for lunch at a Thai restaurant that we had passed the night before.

Then it was back to the apartment to get ready for the University of Georgia DAWGS football game against Tennessee.   We spent the next few hours happily watching that game…..22089553_1672505032759691_8437953155809823373_n

….and then moved on to the Texas Tech game. 

It was the perfect Saturday!!!

2 thoughts on “DC Saturday….Who let the DAWGS out?

  1. As I was reading your post I wondered where you are from since you are obviously a U G A fan! Bishop! Wow! I'm from Macon and a UGA grad. Glad that I have discovered your blog and will enjoy it even more know that I know you cheer for the Dawgs! Ps. I'm enjoying your posts as you discover DC.

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