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Birthday fun!!!

What do you do when you have four projects in progress and a good friend has a birthday… You start a new project for her.  My friend, Katie and I ALMOST share a birthday!!   Her’s is June 15th and mine is June 16th.  Now the fact that we are separated by about 25 years doesn’t come into play in this story!!

Last Saturday morning I decided that I wanted to make something to give Katie and I knew exactly what it would be.  She and I had discussed the fact that we have several of the same bird “statues” that we decorate with.   Years ago I had made two small bird quilts to use in my spring decorating so I decided to make another one of these for my dear friend. 

I grabbed a fabric that was already on my cutting table from another project to use for the background…..IMG_5434

Within 30 minutes I had it put together and ready to start quilting. I love the fact that it doesn’t look like much at this stage…..IMG_5435

…..but once you start adding the quilting lines it just comes to life……


It was a great start to my birthday!!

That afternoon we met our kids at a Korean BBQ restaurant in Atlanta and had a fun two hours cooking meat and eating, eating, eating!!IMG_5444

While we were out, we also stopped by Tandy Leather and I purchased two pieces that I can use to trying out the “Quilting on Leather” technique that I learned at the Houston show last November……IMG_5451

The day ended with a Dairy Queen Blizzard…..Blizzard_BOM_Salted-Caramel-Truffle_810x810


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