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Handwork is fun…..who knew!!

As I mentioned in the last post, my Creative Group has been working on a handwork round robin.  Since they are still in process, I can’t show you full photos, but maybe can show a few highlights of what I have seen (and done) so far.

The first project that I received was Brenda’s……IMG_5340

She went with classic crazy quilt blocks…..one for each of the 8 of us.  She also provided a large box of Perle cottons.

It took me a long time to decide what I wanted to do but I finally just dove in and started stitching!!IMG_5365

It was a bit nerve racking, but in the end I was happy with my block.

Next I received Cleo’s piece.   It started out like this…..IMG_5281

….with the idea that each of us would decorate 2, 3 or more of the squares. I really enjoyed this project and found it easier to figure out what to do and get started on it…..IMG_5493

Next was Denise’s project and this is the one that I had been dreading most!!  She presented it to us like this…..IMG_5279

….with the thought that it was a marsh scene.   It think that everyone in the group took a sharp breath when we saw what we were going to be working with! 

Interestingly, when I got it, I immediately knew what I wanted to add….IMG_5530

It was fun to look thru my threads to find something that would look like tree moss…..IMG_5527

I received Fay’s as soon as we returned from China and unfortunately, I managed to hand it off (THIS MORNING) without taking a photo of it!!!    This is what she gave us…..IMG_5278

….a simple embroidery outline.  When it came to me, I embroidered the two smaller flower/leaves.  I think that this will be a really fun piece when it is finished.

The latest project that I have received was from Linda and I had been looking forward to it…..IMG_5277

Several fun things had already been added but I felt like the trailer  was floating off of the ground and needed to be grounded so I added touches that would do just that…..IMG_6471

It has been interesting that each project has been easier to start and even more fun to work.   I cant wait for the next two…..

Deb gave this to us…..IMG_5276

It should certainly be fun to play on!!!

And lastly, Ruhanna provided this Autumn offering….IMG_5275

As a result of this project, I have started my collection of Perle Cottons and cleaned up my other threads….but more about that in the next post!!

5 thoughts on “Handwork is fun…..who knew!!

  1. Do you want me to enable your perle cotton collecting? If you do not wish to be enabled, do NOT look up House of Embroidery, and cover your ears while I wax rhapsodic about how they're the most gorgeous hand-dyed threads I've ever seen, and fair trade to boot.

  2. Wow! What an incredibly fun group project. I want to get some hand work going in the evenings. This is so inspiring. Good for you!

  3. I had to go back and read the title of the post again just to check! I am delighted that you are enjoying the handwork. So many people dread it.I love the range and variety of all the projects you have worked on. It is interesting to think of how they will end up!

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