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Even more handwork…..

Since I have now decided that handwork can be fun, I realized that it was time for me to get my thread and bead supplies organized.  After looking at lots of options, I finally decided to use cardboard “Floss Bobbins” and spent MANY, MANY nights sitting in front of the TV and winding bobbins.

Then I had to find something to store them in!!   A friend had mentioned that Harbor Freight had tons of storage items so I went shopping and came home with the perfect solution……


Isn’t all of that color scrumptious!!!

Next, I needed to figure out how to store my beads so that they were easily accessible.   Previously I had them stored in small plastic bags but it was way too hard to find what I wanted AND then I still had to pour them out into something to be able to use them.   SO, back to Harbor Freight I went and came home with boxes that each held 24 smaller snap-closure boxes…..IMG_6489


Now, I am currently working on another “secret-ish” project and am having a great time working with my hands.   I based the idea on Cleo’s quilt project by fusing a 1.5 inch circle in the middle of a 4 inch square and then adding embellishments.    Here are a few of my favorites so far…..IMG_6491



I am SUPER happy with how they are looking and am truly enjoying using thread and needle again!! 

This has also been a good project while my shoulder is recuperating.   I have had very little pain and every PT session allows me to move my arm more freely, but there is still quite a way to go before I can return to all of my tasks…..especially machine quilting!!  So for now I am content with handwork and a little bit of strip piecing.

AND, I am already thinking about what I want to work on next!!

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