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IQF Day 2 (Part 2)

The first quilt of this post is a purely whimsical offering by Beth Miller, also from Canberra, Australia……IMG_6890

This quilt by Susan Mogan is a beautiful pastel sunrise……IMG_6902

This stripe quilt by Maria Shell caught my eye…….


I loved the laces that were used for waves in the piece by Eilene Williams……IMG_6925

I love this old barn by Karlyn Lorhenz, but REALLY like the painted sunset…..IMG_6927

Speaking of painted quilts, it seemed to be the recurring theme for the show.   There were so many where the tops were either painted, drawn or digitally produced.  Even this gorgeous quilted piece by Mikyung Jang was enhanced with painting…….


This landscape by Pat Derbin reminded me greatly of our forest trip in China back in August.   The thing that I noticed most about this quilt is that the “leaves” on the steps are simple squares of fabrics……IMG_6938

In the category titled “Balanced Piecing and Applique”, I was drawn to this quilt by Karen Grover.   I really like the applique that is overlaid on the piecing…..IMG_6952

This great quilt was made by Hsi-chen Hsu…..the same artist who made two of the quilts that I showed from the Preview night.   I obviously relate to her work……


I was attracted to the colors in this quilt by Betty Busby that was based on Lichens.   The center “lace” pieces were meticulously cut out!!…..


Finally, this applique quilt by Zena Thorpe was truly amazing……IMG_6989

I not only loved the whimsical nature of the quilt, but these 1/8th inch wide circles were crazy.   Linda and I spent a lot of time trying to figure out how they were done…..IMG_6990

….and then decided that it didn’t really matter since neither of us were going to try to do it anyway!!!

We closed out the day by meeting some friends for dinner and enjoying an hour of talk about all of the sights of the day!!!

One more day to go…….

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