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It’s Accountability Time!!

As I have come to the end of January, I am looking back over my goals for the month and found that I did pretty well with them.

The first of my “Big Three” (I actually had FOUR) for the month was to finish all of my quilts for the show.  To that end, I finished “My Favorite Earrings” and finished the quilting on  “All Tatted Up”, although I haven’t blocked it yet.  Here  is the final corner and my VERY blue quilting gloves!!


I still have my hand-embroidery “wall” to finish so will see how that goes!!

Next was to get organized for tax season and I think that I did that very well.   My client letters were out a week earlier than normal and today I filed my first individual return for the year. 

Next of the BIG THREE was to write one blog post per week and I have written FIVE in January!!  Not to mention moving my blog over to Word Press which was a VERY simple process.  I was so impressed that I could migrate all of my posts from Blogger AND was even able to combine the series of blogs that I had written about trips so that it is all in ONE place.

On the creative side, I kept to my goal of spending at least 20 minutes in my studio, at least 6 days per week.  I maybe missed 2 days during the month.  It has been amazing to see how much I can accomplish in that short time!!

On a fun and recreation side, Michael and I scheduled 2 dates out for dinner.  Even though he was sick on one of those nights and we ended up getting Chinese and eating at home, I will count that as a goal finished!! 

On the health and fitness side, I did manage to hit the gym 4 or 5 times each week but did NOT lose any weight, even though one of the BIG THREE was to lose 2 pounds!!  

So, heading into February, my BIG THREE    FOUR are to:

  • Blog at least 1 time each week
  • Keep current with my accounting work
  • Keep up with my creative time
  • Lose those 2 pounds!!

This month will include a lot of Quilt Show stuff….Receiving is next week, Judging the week after that and 4 weeks from today is set-up day.   It will all be over before I know it!!

AND, my motto for the month is to “Love what I am doing….when I am doing!!!”

Onward and upward……


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