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Out, Out Damn Spot….

Warning….this post is not for the faint-hearted quilter!!!  But I will give a bit of spoiler and say that the quilt lives!!!

After 12 spools of thread and countless hours of quilting, I finally finished “All Tatted Up”!!    When I last posted about it, I was trying to decide what to do with the peacock corners.    After much deliberation, I decided to continue with the matchstick quilting around the peacock and then do 1/4 inch curves to fill in the space.  IMG_7576

This process was not with problems!! 

On the first corner I realized that my curves were not staying straight but were curving inward. 


I decided that the solution was to add some straight guidelines.  After spending a good amount of time picking the curvy lines out, I tried it again and I still didn’t have them straight.    One the third iteration I physically marked the curves as the lines moved inward!!

So with problem solved, I started on another corner.   This time I realized that I was quilting a crease into the back as the curves approached the peacock enclosure.   After yet MORE un-sewing, I overly anchored the layers and all went well from there.


So I happily washed it, blocked it (although one side ended up about 3/4 inch smaller than the others…..SIGH) and bound it. 


But then I saw it….. a dark spot in the top right corner!!  I carefully took a bit of clothes soap and gently rubbed the spot.   Immediately the fabric lightened tremendously and even pilled up (and this was good fabric….not junk).    I was horrified!!  I convinced myself that it didn’t matter but I kept coming back to it so today decided that it was time to take action.

If you have read my blog for any time at all, you know my obsession with sponge painting to change fabrics.   So, I put on my big-girl panties and mixed up some paint that was slightly darker than the fabric…..IMG_7629

I taped the edges to avoid getting paint on the binding and created a mask for the peacock enclosure…..IMG_7628

….and,  with a super dry sponge, started adding color…..


The finished effect is okay….


It actually looks better in person than in this photo, but personally, I liked it better before, but something had to be done.  

It is finished and in the books and it is time to move on!!!

5 thoughts on “Out, Out Damn Spot….

    1. Thanks Karen. I still don’t like it!! But I had the thought yesterday that I could mix another paint that is a bit lighter than the first one and go over it again! I will think more about it when it gets back from the show.

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