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The Cre-8’s Have Done It Again!!

Back in September I posted a blog called “Handwork is Fun…..Who Knew”.  In it I talked about our “Creative Eight” groups latest project…..a handwork round robin challenge.

We each brought our own design, gave a few ideas of what we were thinking about our piece, and then started passing it around the group for each to add their own personal touch.   Back in December the pieces were returned to their respective owners and most of them were completed and entered into our upcoming guild show.

Here is our work……

Brenda gave us each a lovely crazy quilt block…..


…..we all added our embellishments and the final quilt ended up like this…..

Richardson Stitchin Among Friends 711

Cleo’s colorful offering started like this…..


Although not yet finished, this is where it is right now…..


Fay gave us a simple, preprinted flower panel  that turned into this……

Rawls My Mod Friendship Garden 710

Denise started with a piece of brightly colored fabric…..


that we happily turned into a marshland…..


Linda provided a campground…IMG_5277It came to life as it passed among us…..

Murray Home in Where You Park It 703

Deb gave us “Henrietta”……


….and we sent her out on a grand adventure……

Henderson Henrietta Big Adventure 704

Ruhanna had this wonderful pumpkin….


…..that we happily embellished


And finally, I provided this wall…..


….which came back well embellished, but I forgot to take a picture at that point!!    However, I continued adding flowers and foliage and am super happy with the finish….

IMG_7617 (2)

I think that, although we had apprehensions about the project, we all REALLY enjoyed the process and the final results.  If nothing else, it helped me to remember that I enjoy doing handwork and am looking forward to doing more in the future!!!

4 thoughts on “The Cre-8’s Have Done It Again!!

  1. These are wonderful I am really impressed with the way each one has come out. Lovely to see the effort and thought going into each piece.
    Do you think your group will do it again?

    1. Thanks Karen. I hope that we do something along these same lines again!! I know that I am now hooked on handwork. Last night I didn’t have anything to work on and felt really discontented!!

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