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My “Other” Job

My husband, Michael, is also a “side-hustle” blogger but he even goes further by writing articles that are published in various magazines around the world. His area of expertise is the sport of shooting and hunting and general outdoor writing. In the past eighteen months he has expanded his work to include reviewing various hunting firearms and visiting and reviewing numerous hunting preserves.

My job on these jaunts is to be the photographer!!

To that end, we have owned a nice Canon SLR camera since 2015 and have wondrous photos of our travels in China, India and our trek in the Himalayas. But, as I was taking an online photography course, the instructor spent a good bit of time talking about lenses and the importance of getting a really good one. His comment was that the lens was even more important than the camera body!!!

After a good bit of research, we purchased a new lens for our camera…….

It is a 24-70mm zoom lens and has amazing optics.

SO….on Monday morning Michael was invited to visit a local hunting preserve for a Dove shoot and I was invited along to document the event. We arrived before 7:00am and got ourselves set up in the field, waiting for the dove to arrive.

And we waited….and we waited…..and we waited, but there were no dove to be seen!!

So I busied myself by playing with the new lens and documenting what I could see from my hay bale……

I had a wonderful view of the rest of the field, dotted with more hay bales, some cloaking other hopeful hunters…..

It was such fun to listen to the hunting dogs braying in their stalls because they KNEW that there was hunting going on and that they were supposed to be in the middle of it!!!

Hearing the Bob-White Quail waking up the world with their characteristic call reminded me of spending time with my Dad out in the fields of our farm.

It was sweet to watch the colors change as the sun came up, especially during the “golden hour” (hour just after sunrise or before sunset) that photographers talk about. And this little guy got caught by a sunbeam at just the right time…..

But my favorite sight of the morning was seeing Michael set and ready for action….

….although the doves definitely won this round!!!

You can read more about his adventures at Arnold Outdoor Writer!!!

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