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Sunday in Basel Switzerland….or is it France….or is it Germany??

We are finding the city of Basel, Switzerland to be a puzzling experience. Their currency can be either Swiss Francs or Euros, they speak a mixture of German and French and you can buy gorgeous, light French pastries and eat it with savory German sausages!!

Our plan for Sunday was to relax, sleep in and MAYBE go out for a walk. We stuck to the plan pretty well, including a 1-1/2 hour nap in the middle of the afternoon.

Breakfast was a great start to our day, enjoying these almond pastries that we bought on Saturday…..

When we finally emerged from the flat, we headed to the local Coop store, but found that it was closed on Sundays. So, we used google maps (what would we do without it), to find a cafe that was open and happened on a Sunday brunch, although not a typical one!!!….

We loved the food…..

….but weren’t sure exactly what cuisine we were eating. We talked to the owner of Jêle Cafe and he told us that it is Anatolian food, from the small country of Anatolia, in Asia Minor, next to Turkey.

After eating, we were in desperate need of a walk, so we headed toward the old town area, stopping to enjoy some of the sights along the way, including this interesting “pedal / solar” powered vehicle……

We also stopped to look at a cigarette machine located in the middle of block of apartments. We laughed that it had Camel’s, Winston’s and many other typical “old-school” brands…..

As we continued walking thru the narrow streets……

….we discovered that almost EVERYTHING in Basel is closed on Sunday. The streets were full, but not with cars or people, but with bicycles and families out for a stroll!!

We passed numerous murals along the way, but this one is the most interesting……

It may look as if there is scaffolding in front of the mural, but the fact is that the scaffolding is PART of the mural.

After the aforementioned nap, we were met by Michael’s host and his companion…..

Walter wanted us to experience real Swiss food this first night so he took us to a Biergarten where we indulged in Wiener Schnitzel…..

….and local beer…..

….followed by Plum Schnapps…..

All in all, a wonderful evening!!!!

3 thoughts on “Sunday in Basel Switzerland….or is it France….or is it Germany??

  1. Very interesting about the types of foods. I suppose when these countries are so small and close to each other it is not a surprise to find such a mix.
    The mural is fascinating.

  2. The mural looks so fascinating indeed! I think I know where to find it but I’ve never really noticed it. Hope it’s still there! PS. I’m currently living in Basel 🙂

    1. Hi Viaje. If I remember, it was on the same road that the Basil Minster is on. I hope that you can find it. Since we were there only 2 weeks ago, it should still be there!!

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