My plan for Monday was to visit one of the 37+ museums/art galleries that reside in Basel, but as I googled their location, they all said “CLOSED ON MONDAY!! Okay, I need an alternate plan.

First on the agenda was to walk to the Coop (by the way, they call it Coop- like a chicken coop- and I call it Co-op)…and buy what we needed for dinner. Along the way I encountered a couple of fun street art pieces. I love the expression on this “electrical box”……

….followed by this fun guy……

In the store I was amazed by the varieties of bread that are available……

…..and am thinking that we may have to try a new one each day while we are here!!!

But, I am pretty sure that I wont be buying any of these eggs……

I am sure that there is a good reason, but I really don’t get all of the colors!!!

I arrived back at the flat with all of the fixings for dinner……

….and proceeded to spend the rest of the day catching up on some accounting work and simply relaxing.

One last thing…..isn’t this a good idea…..

The sharp edge on this box of cling wrap is curved making it so, so, so easy to cut the plastic without it making a huge mess!! Maybe I will send this to “Glad”!!!

Okay….it was a quiet day, but tomorrow wont be!!!!

One thought on “CLOSED!!!

  1. I am having a little laugh as we were caught with the same problem of closures on Mondays.
    Just a case of getting used to the local customs.
    Hope you find out the story behind the coloured eggs. Haven’t seen that one before except at Easter when they are chocolate.

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