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Return to Napoli……

On Sunday morning, we woke to the thought that we were moving again….back to Naples this time. After packing, we did a bit of cleaning on the flat, part of which was to take the bottles to the recycling center. I was amazed to find that the streets were almost empty while I was walking the few blocks to the recycling center.

I had visited one time before but couldn’t quite remember exactly where it was. In the end, I saw a recycling pickup truck and followed it to the center!!!

I decided that I need to start a photo study of “Shoes on the Street”. This is the NOT the first pair that we have seen…..

As I came back to the flat, I texted Michael and got him to stand in the window and wave…..

It was the perfect place for us to spend the week in Basel!!

We caught a taxi to the airport and then had an easy flight into Naples. We caught another taxi to our AirBNB…..

…..were met by Laura, and ushered into our wonderful flat for the next two weeks…..

Laura had filled the refrigerator with drinks and had an amazing assortment of goodies on the table….

….including OREOs. I love her!!!!

She had also left us a bottle of homemade Limoncello…..

A quick toast was the perfect way to christen our new living space…..

We asked about a place to eat on a Sunday evening and she immediately sent an email with three different possibilities. We decided to go for Pizza (after all, we are in Napoli….the birthplace of pizza). The place that was suggested was Brandi Pizza. We put it into Google maps and off we went.

We ran into a slight problem when the map told us to turn right and there was no street to the right. We were heading back to the previous street when we saw a set of stairs (that were chained closed) and we could see down the hill to the street below,…..

Apparently THAT is where we are supposed to be. A very nice lady saw our confusion and pointed to another street that went down the hill so we took it instead.

We made it to Brandi Pizza and enjoyed looking thru the menu and especially at the appetizer page (labeled as “Waiting for Pizza”).

We couldn’t resist ordering a “Caprese Salad” which is Bufala cheese and tomatoes, smothered in olive oil and basil…..

Can you say YUM!!!!

We both ordered pizzas and were amazed at the size of the portions…..

As we ate, we talked to a young man at the table next to us and had a beautiful meal, complete with Limoncello for dessert.

When we left the restaurant we fortunately turned in the wrong direction which took us right past a Gelateria. And when you pass a Gelateria, you have to stop….it is a law!!!

This was the PERFECT end to a fun day of travel…..

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