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Setting up housekeeping….

On Monday we slept in a bit and had a very slow start to the day. Thanks to our Landlord’s provisions, we had goodies for breakfast, along with coffee and tea to get us caffeinated and ready to go!!

Our only plan for the day was to buy some groceries and get everything set up in the flat. On the way to the store, we passed a butcher shop…..

and our eyes were drawn to these breaded cutlets…..

From the sign, we thought that they were made from chicken and spinach, and even though we weren’t entirely sure about them, we bought them anyway!!

We moved further along to the Supermarket (Carrefour) and proceeded to purchase our needed supplies.

I wanted to buy some veggies for dinner but was pretty sure that I had to weigh and price them before going to the checkout. I stood around and watched for a few minutes and finally figured out that there was a number on each price sign and you entered that number for it to calculate the price and print out a sticky tag.

Michael, on the other hand, had the task of picking out a good wine. He also loitered in the wine aisle, waiting for someone to select a bottle so that he could follow suit. Unfortunately, this person’s choice was drinkable but NOT wonderful!!

I was impressed with the styles, shapes and varieties of pasta that were available…..

….and the prices aren’t bad either!!

With our purchases in hand…..or rather in Michael’s hands…..

….we climbed the 80+ stairs to reach the level of our road!!

The rest of the day was one of simple relaxation…. we hadn’t realized how tired we were from our week in Basel!!

For dinner, I stir-fried the vegies….

Michael shallow fried the cutlets…..

….and we enjoyed the most wonderful meal!!!!!

We did make one more trip out of the flat…..to the Gelateria!!! We both thought that we knew exactly where it was, but we couldn’t find it. Then one of us spotted the big ice cream cone…..

….and we knew that we had found Nirvana!!!

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