A quiet day in Naples

Before I get on with Wednesday…..I took the tile pattern that I had photographed yesterday……

…..and turned it into a quilt design…..

On Wednesday morning, Michael left to spend the day at the University and I headed out to do a bit of shopping. I hit a few stores but then got distracted as I caught sight of the open water…..

I made my way to the Promenade and enjoyed a stroll along the shoreline…..

When headed one direction, I could see the the tour boats in the background and the crowds coming toward me…..

At this point it was time for me to return to my shopping!!!

Naples is a city built on several levels as evidenced by these two photos……

At the grocery store, I took a few photos that show some of the differences between here and home…..

These funky carts are available for anyone who wants them…..

….and you add a basket (or two if you have a lot of stuff to buy)…..

I bought some wonderful fresh eggs and even got pick out which ones I wanted……

Most of the packs held either 4 or 6 eggs….I didn’t see a dozen anywhere!!!

When you are ready to check out, you join the queue in front of the frozen foods…..

I guess that this makes perfect sense since everyone knows that you always buy your frozen stuff last!!!

As I was walking back to the flat, I encountered the saddest sight of the day……

….a sign saying that the Lift (elevator) that takes you up the 6 flights of stairs to our street level, is out of service!!!!

I spent the rest of the afternoon working on accounting stuff and Michael arrived home about 20 minutes before a HUGE thunderstorm hit. It proceeded to thunder, lightning and rain REALLY hard for the next 4 hours!!! It is supposed to do the same all of tomorrow (Thursday) so we may have another quiet day to look forward to.

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