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Is this what a quiet day looks like??

The Weather Channel told us that it was going to be raining all day and the morning started out that way so we expected to just have a quiet day in the flat. I spent time working on my Needlepoint piece and listening to a few podcasts that I had gotten behind on. Michael spent the morning at the desk, working on various projects.

BUT, about 1:00 we looked up and it had actually cleared up although the W.C. (Weather Channel, not Water Closet), told us that the storms were supposed to arrive around 2:00. I was desperate to get outside so put on my shoes, grabbed my umbrella and headed down the hill.

I ended up at Plaza Plebiscito…..

I liked these two statues, especially the pigeon hanging on to the sword in the second one…..

I also visited this mall…..

The ceiling was more interesting than the stores!!! The busiest venue was the McDonalds!!!

At 1:45 it was still clear blue skies so I texted Michael and asked if he wanted to meet me for Gelato. He jumped at the chance.

As we stood on the street, enjoying our frozen creations, Michael checked the W.C. again and it said that the storms were now arriving at 6:00. So, we decided to use the time wisely and see what we could see!!! The first goal was to find the Promenade and the Bay of Naples…..

….but that also meant that we saw Vesuvius…..over…..

….and over again……

We enjoyed walking along the roadway…..

The destination for our walk was Castel dell’Ovo (In English….Egg Castle) which is located on a small peninsula in the Bay of Naples. It is the oldest standing fortification in Naples. We had fun walking thru it an seeing what we could find there.

I love this rooster…..

….and this painting of a rendition of what the Bay might have looked like……

The cannons were interesting, especially since several were being “ridden” by various tourists!!…..

The views looking up into the city were wonderful…..

But, our favorite view was of this fun seagull…..

…who was probably wondering why these strange people were taking photos of him!!!

We left the Castle…..

….and headed for home.

We came to the same street that I had photographed yesterday……

…and Michael had the idea that, since we had to go up to the next city level anyway, why don’t we climb it here. My reaction to his “trust me” was……

So, TWELVE switchbacks later we arrived at the level of our flat and only 5 minutes away from it. Way to go Sweetie!!!!

It was great fun to know that we were traveling down streets that we had never been down before and, if we hadn’t taken this route, we wouldn’t have seen this sculpture over a door……

We arrived back at the flat and about 30 minutes later the thunder started rolling again and it was soon storming.

We were both so glad that it didn’t end up being such a “quiet day”!!!!

Tomorrow we are off to the Fish Market…..sounds stinky!!!!

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