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What color is it??

Since we are pretty much stuck at the house, I am splitting my time between doing tax returns and folding fabric.

I started with the blacks and whites and quickly got them organized…..

I then moved to yellows and golds……

Then I hit the orange boxes and the trouble began……

Are these yellows or oranges???? And, for that matter, where do all of these fit……

Are they yellows, golds, oranges or browns!!!!

I am hoping that it will all sort itself out (pun intended) when they are on the shelf…… we will see!!

Actually, yellow is an appropriate color right now as the Pine Trees are dropping their pollen and EVERYTHING has taken on a yellow tinge…..even the bird bath…..

I hope that you are all surviving this pandemic and finding time to be creative in some way.

2 thoughts on “What color is it??

  1. I sort my fabrics by colour and yes, things get dicey with gold, oranges and browns. The angst increases with peach, pink and rose. Purples are blue or red based. VBSIGH aqua/teals make me think about throwing out the colour wheels. Prints are just sorted kinda bright and kinda soft. Good luck and post lessons learned puhlease!

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