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I’m Seeing Red!

….A little late because I forgot to post it yesterday!!!


No, I am not mad!!!

This is the title of yet another challenge quilt that I created back in 2000.

This time the guild had a color challenge and the color that I selected out of the hat was RED.

I wanted it to be bold and audacious and finally settled on a pattern from the book “Op-Art Quilts” by Marilyn Doheny…..

The construction of the quilt was relatively simple, as long as I CAREFULLY followed the cutting instructions. I remember that I didn’t have much extra fabric which meant that proper cutting was even MORE important!!

I even found some of the strip sets when I opened my “Pandora’s Box” of miscellaneous fabrics!!!

I was especially proud of the the two borders that I added. I really felt that the second “strip set” border added a lot to the design.

I wanted to keep the corners simple to really emphasize the bold pattern. I entered it into our guild quilt show and remember that one of the judges said that there was too much movement and no place for the eye to settle!!! It was one of the few times that I wanted to reply to the review and say DUH!!!

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