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A few addenda

This summer I started with the idea of doing an end-of-week audit. While this is a great idea to do, blogging about it seemed boring. Also, since each post needed to include a bunch of items it felt overwhelming to do. Consequently, I would put it off until I had TIME….which I never did!!

So, we are back to short posts about happenings through out the week and you can grade me on whether or not I am meeting my summer goals!!!

Now back to quilting….

After I posted about the Numbered Q-pins, I looked at the new packaging and realized that she has removed the “Q” so they are now simply “Marilee’s Numbered Pins”

Also, my friend Karen said that her solution was to buy flower head pins and write her own numbers on!!!

As I thought more about this solution I realized that I could write the row number and the block number on each pin which would make it even easier!!

Quilters always have the BEST solutions.

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