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Summertime…and the cooking is easy!!

One of my goals for the summer was to try some new dishes and we have had several new (and delicious) meals!!

This past week I made a Chicken Cabbage stir fry from a recipe that I had clipped out sometime in the past 30 years. I seriously have clipped recipes from when we lived in Australia, and that was over 30 years ago!

The recipe started with chopping up all of the veggies that were required. In one bowl I have onions and julienne carrots, the second bowl has chopped cabbage and sliced red bell pepper. The third bowl is the most exciting, a mixture of soy sauce, garlic powder, Ginger, Cornstarch, water, and the best ingredient… Red pepper.

After cooking the meat in the wok, I added the onions and carrots and sautéed until the onions were slightly tender…

Next, I added the second bowl of veggies, stir frying them quickly.…

Finally, I added the chicken back to the wok, poured in the special sauce, and sautéed until the sauce had thickened….

It was an amazing dish and we both loved it. I was concerned that it wouldn’t store easily for leftovers because the cabbage would have wilted, but it actually tasted better as leftovers. I think that the time in the refrigerator allowed the spices to meld better.

This one has already been typed up and put into the Arnold Family Cookbook!!!

On the ice-cream making front we have had one amazing attempt with this luscious, deep chocolate…..

….and one so-so attempt with fresh peach…..

It just didn’t have a lot of flavor even though I sweated the peaches with sugar and poured the juices into the mixture before freezing.

I did learn one thing…..


The summer isn’t over so I hope to try even more fun dishes!!!

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