Let’s go to Luckenbach Texas….

…..with Waylon and Willie and the boys!!

Yes, today, we joined Waylon and Willie in traveling to the famed Luckenbach Texas!!

Although the actual “town” isn’t much…..

…..but it did have a friendly vibe…..

But the most enjoyable thing about the visit to Luckenbach was the drive that we took to get there!! This is Luckenbach Road…..

….and it instantly reminded us of Abilene. We half expected to run up on Michael’s old house a mile or so down the road!!!

One of our favorite things here are the Live Oak Trees that cover this area. And, although it means that the tree has died, I LOVE seeing the bare bones of the tree after the leaves have all gone….

Michael even spotted one with 4 vultures sitting in it…..

You can’t get much more iconic of a photo!!!!

We also stopped to photograph a flower that is similar to those that Michael worked on during his Undergraduate years at Texas Tech (go Red Raiders!!)……

Finally, we stopped to photograph this grouping of Prickly Pear Cactus (Opuntia) that had already set fruits……

gotta love the barbed wire fence!!

It reminded us of one Christmas back in the late 70’s when we had little money to spend on Christmas gifts for family. So, we made jelly for everyone…..Grape (made from bottled Welch’s Grape Juice), Crab Apple (made from free Apples picked from trees on campus) and Prickly Pear (picked from plants along some of the local back roads)!!

Those were fun times!!!

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