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Airport Art – Hartsfield Jackson

I truly enjoy being in airports. I love watching the people that are traveling thru, seeing what types of clothes they are wearing and wondering exactly where their final destination will be.

The newest phenomena that I have seen is the appearance of art galleries in the terminals themselves and this has made traveling even more fun!!

On our last trip thru Hartsfield Jackson airport in Atlanta, I was excited to see a sculpture gallery running along the walkway between the T-Gates and the A Terminal…..

It is sad to say that if we had decided to take the train rather than walk, we would have missed this entirely!! It makes me want to walk the entire airport to see what else I am missing!!!

There were several different artists who created these works but most were created in the same style. Here are my favorites……enjoy

“Woman Showing Traditional Salute” by Edronce Rukodzi
“Caring Mother” by Lameck Bonjuisi
“Who Will Raise the Child” by Gladman Zinyeka
“Galactic Dancer” by Tapfuma Gutsa
“Hwata (Secretary Bird)” by Amos Supuni
“Generation Pyramid” by Gedion Nyanhongo

I had two favorites that I have left for last. This next one is called “Leap Frog” and I love the abandon that I feel in the young child who is leaping!!

“Leap Frog” by Dominic Benhura

This final one is called “Conversation” and was the only one sculpted by a female.

“Conversation” by Agnes Nyanhongo

In looking closely at the heads and faces, I think that she perfectly caught the moment!!

This was a wonderful distraction in the midst of COVID, facemasks and social distancing!!!!

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