Adding Meadow Grasses

Yesterday it took a long time for me to get up the courage to start sewing on the background that I had prepared. Elle, one of my readers, left a comment yesterday saying that it did look good the way it was but that I should be fearless and keep on going. The word FEARLESS sparked my courage and that simple comment helped to get me upstairs and sitting at my machine!!! Isn’t it amazing what a tiny bit of encouragement can do!!

I started out with some thread that was similar in color to the background and placed a few grass lines…..

It didn’t make a lot of difference to the picture but it gave me more confidence.

Next I moved to another darker green gradation thread……

There seems to be a bit of depth starting to happen.

Next step was to add some thin satin stitch lines which meant a change to my Viking machine…..

I was concerned about how this machine would handle the thickness of the fabric but it performed beautifully……

The final step for the day was to move back to my Juki and add some brown foliage and boy did that make it pop…..

I was doing the work on my Juki as free-motion and I found that there were several areas where the thread would shred, probably because of paint build-up. Fortunately, I didn’t really mind if there were some thread nests…..

Today I will continue to add some other lines and may try a few flowers but I may wait until I receive a book that I ordered first.

Regardless, as I predicted…..this is…..

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