Painting the meadow

Yesterday was painting day….YEAH!!!

Before I started painting, I added a few more couched yarns to the top……

I was pretty nervous about applying the paint but once I had my dyeing apron on…..

…..I knew that I could do it!!!

I mixed up the two paints that I needed, adding quite a bit of water so that they were really thin…..

I also sprayed water over the top of the fiber art before I started painting. To apply the paint, I used three makeup sponges that were stuck together…..

Starting at the top, I began sponging blue paint…..

Then I moved to the green, using paper towels to blot up any excess paint…..

This is one of the interim looks for the piece…..

I kept on going, mingling the blue and green so that it didn’t look so much like a line between sky and meadow. I also mixed in some darker green, adding some highlights.

When I was finished with the actual painting, I added a few more details….. the daisies were lightly rubbed with a blue metallic paint…..

…..and a few darker highlights were added with a copper paint…..

This was the final result of the painting session……

I am quite pleased with it, especially liking the white highlights in the sky and the dark couched yarns.

Now I am off to learn about free-motion embroidery of the flower elements…..or maybe I will just leave it as it is!!!!

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