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It’s a mystery…..new clue!!

When I finished the October step in the Morewood Mystery I couldn’t wait for the November clue to come out. BUT, when it did, life was simply too busy to get it done! I did find time before the end of November, but just barely!!

Fortunately the steps were fairly easy and didn’t take too long.

First was to used some of our half-square triangles and the Irish-chain units to make this tulip-looking block….

They look pretty good all laid out although I have no idea what orientation they will be in the final project……

Some of my yellows lack a bit of contrast but I am hoping that those lighter colors will be attached to darker colors to help with the contrast.

The next step was to make a series of Half-Square-Triangle units. Thankfully I remembered the instructions about ironing these units prior to cutting them …..

Finished and pressed flat!!

Here are my November batch of HST’s……

I am super happy with these, especially with the sparkle that they provide!!

On to the December clue…..

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