Fun on Christmas Day….

How was your Christmas Day?

Because our kids come to celebrate on Christmas Eve….

….. it means that Christmas itself is a relaxing and fun day, culminating with Chinese food for dinner…..

After a slow and luxurious start, Michael headed for his man cave and I climbed the stairs to my studio!! The rest of the day was spent with this as my view…..

… I worked to finish the quilting on the “Crumbs for the Geese” quilt.

I spent a few minutes trying out my new cordless iron that Jenny (my daughter) gave to me…..

It gets really hot and will be a great asset to the studio. I just have to learn to put it into the holder rather than just standing it up on the ironing board.

One of the gifts that my Daughter-In-Law (Amber) gave to me was a coloring book that was hand drawn on watercolor paper. Since I have been planning to do some playing with watercolors, I decided that this was the place to start. It was fun to try out a new and different medium…..

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