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A quilt finish….

A quilt was finished in my studio this past week and it was NOT mine!!

Back in the summer, my friend Kaitlynn asked if I would teach her to make a quilt. We made a great start before classes started again for her and then things slowed down to a crawl.

On Monday she came over with the intent to FINISH the quilt in time to use as a Christmas gift for her Mom. She spent 4 hours bent over the machine, with the free-motion quilting FLOWING out.

The effort worked and before she left, we had a wonderful photo of her WITH her new, finished quilt…..

But the best photo arrived on Christmas Eve…..

….the smiles say it all!!

6 thoughts on “A quilt finish….

  1. This is proof of your love for quilting and people. What a gift you gave Katilynn, the chance to learn from a master quilter and in turn the opportunity for her to give her mother a masterpiece. Thank you for your untiring willingness to minister to so many… That’s an idea for a new ministry “Quilting with the Master” because anyone who spends time with you in your studio is “standing on Holy ground” with one of the Master’s finest servants. Thank you for loving others so well

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