Ten Around Penhill

At last I am returning to the Travel Quilt series. I was enjoying writing about them and then hit one that needed to be photographed before I could write about it and that just shut me down…..I couldn’t get motivated to photograph it!!! Does that ever happen to you….something so small just shuts you down???

Anyway…. the next quilt was from a fun day in 2007 in the Yorkshire Dales of England.

But, that is the end, let’s start at the beginning…..

When we lived in Australia in the early 1980’s, we became enamored with the James Herriott series, “All Creatures Great and Small” We watched the TV shows, we read the books, and we dreamed of the day that we would visit the glorious Yorkshire Dales.

That day arrived while we were on a two month trip to England where Michael was a Visiting Research Fellow at Merton College at Oxford University. He worked most days while we were there and this side trip was his reward for the hard work!!

We arrived at our Bed and Breakfast and started talking to the proprietors. When they found out that we enjoyed hiking, they suggested that we take a hike around the dales the next day, following a 10 mile trail!!

We had a marvelous day as we hiked up the hills……

crossed over the stiles……

lunched at a local pub……


passed farm after farm…..

got lost numerous times

We arrived back at the Bed and Breakfast tired but with memories of the wonderful sights of the day…..

Now let’s get to the quilt……

I wanted to make a quilt for Michael that would remind him of our wonderful day of hiking. I started by playing with two pieces of fabric that I had purchased on the trip…..

…..and then discovered that they were part of a collection …..

I picked photos that I loved from the hike and searched for quilt blocks with names that spoke to the day as well…..

Then I started playing on the design wall, using photocopies to help me determine the size and placement of the various elements……

And came up with this quilt……

It was fun to include road signs and Farm Names as part of the quilt…..

We still talk about this wonderful day in the Yorkshire Dales and long to return sometime to do a LONGER hike….one where you hike from Pub to Pub and your luggage is transported and waiting for you when you arrive. Doesn’t that sound like fun!!!!

4 thoughts on “Ten Around Penhill

  1. Looks like you had a wonderful time there. I imagine the countryside must be stunning to see. Your quilt is a great reminder of that time.

    1. We used to read them to each other in bed each night before we would go to sleep. Some of the situations got us laughing so hard that we couldn’t go to sleep!!!

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