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An Old Inspiration

Back in the olden days…maybe the 1990’s…… we didn’t have instant access to all of these wonderful patterns, designs and ideas. And the thought of writing a guild newsletter and having it appear only online was out of the question!!

So, back then I was in charge of our guild’s monthly newsletter which was pasted up, photocopied and mailed each month. I was always looking for fun designs and photos that I could use as fillers or to just jazz the content up a bit.

To that end, I spent a great amount of time combing books, newspapers, and websites looking for these simple designs. I have NO idea where this particular design came from but it has always appealed to me for a quilt pattern…..

When I look at it, I see shades of the Southwest US and also of Italy or another exotic country. Could I possibly want more?

I love the mixture of architecture, birds and sunshine….who knows, maybe I will add it to my growing “to do someday” list!!

Hope you are having a wonderful creative Tuesday!!

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