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More on the Mystery….

This past week I was determined to catch up with the Morewood Mystery.

When I showed the December clue, I commented that the next step was starting to put some of the bits and pieces together. For me, this is the MOST exciting part of a mystery quilt….seeing how it is going to fit together.

Now, as we have been working on the various pieces to the puzzle, I had formed an idea of where I thought we were headed. But, after completing the January clue, I have NO idea!!

This month we put together these funky, asymmetrical blocks…..

I am super pleased with the piecing and most of my corners matched well.

I had fun laying out the blocks and trying to get some idea of “who-done-it”….ie… what the final pattern would look like……

….but neither of these takes into account the other bits and pieces that still need to be included……

It definitely is a mystery!!

Come back next month for the next clue. AND, if you want to join in, there is still time!! You can find all of the instructions on the Morewood Mystery Website……

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