Hidden Art

In 2020, Michael and I had the amazing opportunity to spend 8 weeks in Italy, with the entire month of September in Rome. While we were there, our friends, David and Lyn, came to visit and spent a week with us. You can read more about our Italian in THIS and surrounding posts.

On our first day out, we headed to the Pantheon which was only a 10-minute walk from our apartment…if you didn’t get lost!! We had gone this way many times, quickly walking past a small church without thinking about it. Well, David had done his research before the trip and told us that there was a Michelangelo sculpture in this small, nondescript church….who knew!!!

As expected, the sculpture was amazing but NOT the subject of this “Almost” Wordless Wednesday.

Instead, I found a lovely Madonna and Child statue in one of the corners and snapped a bunch of shots. In particular, I love how the light hits and highlights the beads…..

I love when this photo surfaces on my desktop. It is a sweet reminder of an amazing trip, super friends and the peacefulness of a small church in Rome!!

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