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The Mystery is Revealed

This week I felt like Inspector Clouseau…..

The case was indeed SOLV-ED!!

This month was the last clue in the Morewood Mystery from Meadow Mist Designs, and it was SO much fun to see how it all came together.

We ended up with two blocks…..

One of the nicest things about this quilt is that there are NO seams inside the block that have to match. I only had to match the corners….

This meant that sewing the blocks together was super fast and easy!! I would start out by matching the leading edge corner and sewing about an inch….

Then I would match up the seam at the end of the block…..

….and hold it as I sewed the seam…..

…letting the machine pull the block toward the needle….

This is the final design…..

I love the design and the movement across the diagonal of the quilt. However, part of the design is lost because I didn’t have enough contrast between the yellows and the background fabrics. This would have been solved if I had used one white fabric for the background rather than lots of scrap fabrics. Live and learn!!

Also, I wish that it was one more row in length so that it could easily become a twin bed quilt. Now I COULD make 5 extra blocks but instead, I am adding a yellow border to the top and bottom and then additional borders to all sides…..

When it is finished, it will be donated to a women’s rehab center that is in need of twin-size quilts. I think that it will be a happy addition to any room!!

11 thoughts on “The Mystery is Revealed

    1. I also like the scrappiness rather than the matching ones I’ve seen elsewhere. It will be wonderful for someone to own just the way it is!

  1. That is a lovely end result. Your colours have worked really well. Great donation quilt. And more reasons to play with your quilting.

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