FMQ Practice sans Fabric and Thread

For me, one of the hardest things about FMQ practice is thinking about how much fabric and thread that I am “wasting”. Now I know that learning something new isn’t a waste, but I still struggle with that idea.

When I was at the gym last week, doing what I always do….ie watch quilt videos, I ran across one by Angela Walters about quilting feather designs. It is a great video and I suggest that you watch it….

She spent most of the video drawing feather designs on a white board and suddenly I thought…..


I ended up purchasing a 14 x 14-inch whiteboard and have been using it to practice at nights when I am watching TV with my husband.

It isn’t a PERFECT solution but it means that I can try designs OVER and OVER and OVER and OVER again and not waste anything….

…and looking at this design, it is going to take a LOT of practice!!!

I am working on the “Free-Motion-Flow” quilt-a-long challenge and hope to have the first steps out soon. Keep coming back for more!!

3 thoughts on “FMQ Practice sans Fabric and Thread

  1. I use a whiteboard too. It helps but when I get in front of the machine I forget what I learned. I think it is fear. I got to get over it. I dont do it enough. There is also a free software on my Ipad and you draw with your pencil. It works well too and you dont get ink on your hand. If you are interested I can send the name of software. Thank you for the video. When I get back to the gym, Im in PT now, I will use the idea of watching quilting videos. Great tip. Thank you.

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