FMQ Bootcamp

I have been sending myself thru FMQ Bootcamp this year and am finally starting to feel a bit more comfortable trying new designs!!

Today’s idea started with a design from Leah Day…..

…but as I “quilted” my paper quilt…..

….I couldn’t help but remember my friend Deborah Exum’s video about using line drawings to relieve stress…..

So, I sat down at the machine with the idea that I was NOT going to let this be a stressful experience!!

And, I actually had fun with it…..

It’s not perfect….nothing is!!…. but it was fun, the area is filled in and I would be happy using this on a real quilt….what could be more perfect than that!!

Keep your eyes out for “MOVE IT…..a Free-Motion-Quilting Bootcamp” that is coming later this month. Maybe you will want to join me on this FREE journey to branch out and TRY new designs!!

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